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Foshan Nanhai ShiHuaLuo furniture factory

Time, like a wise man, reflects the development philosophy of every enterprise. The market, like an examination paper, tests the business logic of every enterprise. ShiHuaLuo, 19 years, tells us about the development process of a national enterprise. Walk into ShiHuaLuo and pay homage to every cultivator.
The ingenious ShiHuaLuo
In the past 19 years, the company has been focusing on the R & D of two halls of home furnishing with unique ingenuity and leading the fashion of two halls of home furnishing industry. In 2018, ShiHuaLuo set sail in 2019. Starting from the "heart", product upgrading, packaging upgrading, team upgrading, the brand-new Italian minimalist style Banka will be launched in 2019. At the same time, following the market demand, the vovo series products are also upgraded in an all-round way.
Enterprising ShiHuaLuo
Since its establishment, ShiHuaLuo has experienced many milestone events, such as the modernization and upgrading of industrial plants, the completion of 6000 square meters headquarters building in Shunde, Guangdong Province, the signing of image endorsement with international superstar Huang Shengyi, and the production of 200000 square meters industrial park, and has won more than 50 domestic and foreign industry awards and more than 70 national patents for original products.

Innovative ShiHuaLuo
ShiHuaLuo never stops on the road of innovation. In 2011, ShiHuaLuo pioneered the channel "win" sales mode in the industry, shocking the industry and sweeping the world. In 2014, ShiHuaLuo business school was established, which not only makes the enterprise a profit platform, but also a growth platform for employees and franchisees. In 2017, enterprises introduced channel fission mode, once again leading the market shock. In 2018, in order to better serve the agents, we once again broke the cocoon and turned around. We jointly established the "factory purchase cloud" genuine home furnishing factory purchase platform with a well-known intellectual industry organization in China, so as to find the commanding point for franchisees to occupy the market again.
ShiHuaLuo with love
Since its establishment, ShiHuaLuo has always been adhering to the business philosophy of CO creation, sharing and win-win results; building an enterprise culture of passion, righteousness and benefit; conveying the dedication of loving the society, customers and partners, taking on social responsibilities for many times, and completing the charity donation. In 2019, a special charity fund will be set up again to spread love to the society and help more poor families in need of warmth.
ShiHuaLuo of the future

An era of both challenges and opportunities is coming to us. ShiHuaLuo, with its strong strength and keen market judgment, set sail again. ShiHuaLuo people, to improve the lives of Chinese people as their own responsibility, forge ahead. In 2019, five systems including product R & D, image packaging, channel fission, service upgrading and tool empowerment will be comprehensively upgraded. In 2019, in the information age, we arm ourselves with new thinking, new models, new technologies and new channels. The future has been at the foot of our feet, achieving a centennial foundation.


Join hands with ShiHuaLuo to win the future.


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Join hands with ShiHuaLuo to win the future

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