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家具保养Sofa cleaning and maintenance
Before using the newly purchased leather sofa, first wipe the dust on the surface with a clean and easy to absorb soft cloth, and then gently wipe the sofa surface with professional care products, so as to form a protective film on the leather surface, so that the future stains are not easy to penetrate into the leather pores, which is convenient for cleaning. (note) do not wipe the thread on the surface when cleaning the sofa at any time, because the thread is made of cotton and will absorb water.
Regular maintenance: use clean soft cloth to wipe dust or stain every week. It is forbidden to use wet cloth, hard substance or acid, alkali and other chemicals to contact the leather surface, so as to avoid affecting the surface quality and service cycle.
There are pores on the surface of cowhide, which can be maintained in dry and wet seasons like human skin. Maintain once every two months in dry season; once every 3-4 months in normal season (Note: after each cleaning, professional care products must be used for care) and constantly change the products in the market. Keep the visual effect of each product!!! Otherwise, it will affect your sales performance!
Remove stains from beverages, coffee, milk, chocolate, vegetable oil, cosmetics and foundation. First remove the stains on the surface with absorbent cloth or absorbent paper, then soak a clean white soft cloth in soapy water and gently wipe the stains. Do not immerse the leather in water. Wipe the wet leather with a dry cloth immediately.
In the use process, it is forbidden to place sharp objects or sharp tools on the sofa to avoid scratching the sofa surface. The sofa shall be placed in a ventilated and dry place to avoid long-term sunlight, which is easy to cause deformation of the leather surface and loss of elasticity and color; to avoid rain or excessive humidity which causes expansion and relaxation of the leather surface, loss of elasticity or discoloration and mildew of the leather.
The armrest and cushion of fabric sofa are also dirty. You can put a sofa towel on it. Vacuum once a week, but do not use the brush head to clean, so as not to leave the dirt on the cloth or scratch it. When using, often take the cushion to the outdoors to pat, loosen the internal fiber, and keep the flexibility of the sofa. Fabric should be disassembled and dry cleaned, not washed. Do not use drifter. If there is thread end, it can't be torn by hand. Use scissors to cut it flat.
Use and maintenance of cloth furniture
1. It shall be placed flat to prevent the internal connection of the product from deformation and looseness.
2. The back of the product should be more than 5-10cm away from the wall to maintain ventilation.
3. When using, please do not exceed the specified number of users to avoid product deformation or internal structure damage due to excessive stress.
4. When moving the product, it should be lifted gently, not dragged or pulled.
5. The fabric products can be patted with dry towel for normal maintenance, and the dust shall be vacuumed at least once a week, especially the dust between structures.
6. Avoid sitting on the furniture with sweat, water and mud dust to ensure the service life of the furniture.
Use and maintenance of cabinet furniture
1. Before use, please check whether the overall structure is loose. If the structure is loose, please tighten the connecting fasteners.
2. When placing, it shall be placed flat, and shall not hinder the use of indoor sockets, switches, lamps and other furniture.
3. During use, please keep a certain temperature and humidity in the room to avoid direct light exposure.
4. It is not suitable to knock the cabinet surface with heavy objects to avoid damaging the surface.
5. When moving cabinet products, many people must lift them at the same time, and they should be lifted gently, not dragged and pulled hard.
6. When moving cabinet furniture for a long distance, do not carry it as a whole. Please disassemble it in the reverse order of assembly.
7. Always use a soft cloth to dust the furniture along the wood texture. Before dust removal, the soft cloth should be moistened with a spray cleaner. Do not use a dry rag to avoid scratching the surface.
Use and maintenance of glass furniture
1. The handling shall be stable and the inclination angle shall not be too large.
2. When placing, it should be placed flat, so as to avoid the structure loosening or glass damage caused by the unstable state of glass furniture.
3. When using the glass furniture, it should be placed in a relatively fixed place and should not be pushed back and forth at will; when putting things, it should be handled with care; avoid collision.
4. Avoid direct sunlight during use.
5. When high temperature objects are placed on the products, they must be padded under the plates with cushions to avoid affecting the service life of the products.
6. When moving the glass furniture, two or more people must lift it at the same time, and lift it gently, do not drag and pull it hard.
7. When wiping the dirt of glass furniture, organic solvents such as gasoline or alcohol can be used. It is better to use the glass cleaning agent sold on the market at present. It is forbidden to use hard objects to scrape.
8. The glass furniture shall be placed away from the stove and kept away from the humidity. It shall be isolated from chemical reagents such as acid and alkali to prevent corrosion and deterioration.
9. Teach children not to play near the sharp corners of furniture, glass and metal parts to avoid accidental injury.
10. It is not suitable to place the heavy objects (external force) directly on the table top or the edge of the table, so as to avoid damaging the glass and causing personal injury.
11. Do not use the product as a support platform and stand on it for high-altitude operation.
12. Do not remove the relevant combined buckle type rubber strip and other components on the glass furniture at will.
Use and maintenance of table and chair
1. Before use, please check whether the overall structure is loose. If the structure is loose, please tighten the connecting fasteners;
2. The table and chair shall be placed flat to avoid the structure loosening or damage due to the unstable state.
3. Avoid direct sunlight during use.
4. When moving the dining table, two people must lift it at the same time. Do not lift the frame on one side alone. When moving, it should be lifted gently, not dragged or pulled hard.
5. Do not wash the furniture with alkaline water or boiled water or place high concentration alcohol, banana water and other liquids on the furniture to avoid damaging the desktop.
6. Try to use a mat under the plate to avoid scalding the table.
7. It is not suitable to place heavy objects (external force) directly on the table top or edge of the table to avoid glass damage or personal injury.

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