In 2001, ShiHuaLuo hardware furniture factory was put into production in Baoyong Industrial Zone, Longjiang Town.


In December 2006, ShiHuaLuo hardware furniture factory moved to Xiqiao Xintian Industrial Zone, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of ten times larger.


In March 2010, ShiHuaLuo's Longjiang exhibition hall, which is more than 6000 square meters next to national highway 325, was completed and put into use.


In November 2010, ShiHuaLuo hired Huang Shengyi, an international film star, as the image ambassador of ShiHuaLuo home.


In March 2011, Huang Shengyi, the spokesperson of ShiHuaLuo image ambassador and international superstar, visited the booth of Guangzhou International Furniture Exhibition of ShiHuaLuo in person, setting off the whole exhibition with beauty.


In August 2011, ShiHuaLuo furniture launched the champion "win" marketing mode, took the initiative to win the terminal, and systematically cultivated the domestic market.


In November 2011, ShiHuaLuo reached a cooperation with a well-known professional marketing consulting agency in China, and ShiHuaLuo furniture has embarked on a new journey of overall marketing specialization.


In January 2012, 200000 square meters of ShiHuaLuo Industrial Park was completed and put into production. ShiHuaLuo's journey to surpass 2012 started from here.


In March 2012, Shi Hua Luo launched the "SJO" luxury Series in Guangzhou International Furniture Fair. The emergence of Jane Europe series represents the market-oriented research and development direction of ShiHuaLuo furniture.


On December 26, 2012, Mr. Yang Zi, President of Juli group, came to guide and formally signed a contract with ShiHuaLuo for Huang Shengyi, an international superstar, to continue to act as the image spokesman of ShiHuaLuo. ShiHuaLuo has successfully renewed his contract with international superstar Huang Shengyi.


In December 2012, the "ShiHuaLuo" brand of ShiHuaLuo furniture was awarded the honorary title of "top 100 brands in the furniture industry of Guangdong Province in 2012" by Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce.


In March 2015, ShiHuaLuo's fabric sofa series "kulang" brand was launched.


In March 2016, ShiHuaLuo made full efforts to promote the implementation of the platform operation mode of "holding a group to fight the world"; the terminal transformed from a dealer to an operator in the cooperation mode and positioned Yongsheng to focus on the strategic planning of two hall furniture. In the domestic and foreign two hall furniture market, we strive to reshape the gold signboard of swarlow, and devote ourselves to writing a grand chapter of swarlow's "return of the king" in the two hall furniture industry.


In 2017, following the demand of the furniture market, we launched the "Benk Banka" Italian minimalist series of products. In the name of "Benk", we jointly create the ultimate beauty of luxury and light home, and work together to deduce the elegant life.


In 2018, enterprises introduced the channel fission mode, once again leading the market shock.


In 2018, we made another magnificent turn and jointly established the "factory purchase cloud" genuine home furnishing factory purchase platform with domestic well-known intelligent institutions, so as to find the commanding point for franchisees to occupy the market again.


In 2019, in line with the trend of minimalist furniture market, ShiHuaLuo home comprehensively upgraded the vovo modern series. Vovo Casa products continue ShiHuaLuo's consistent design concept and inject minimalism elements, redefining it as vovo Casa modern minimalist series, which is more close to the life needs of the emerging class.


In 2019, the company established a special charity fund to spread love to the society and help more poor families in need of warmth.