Here are three ways to distinguish the authentic products of Swarovski:

In recent years, furniture in the market appears disorderly phenomenon, many manufacturers in order to achieve profit with the help of famous brands to improve the sales volume of their products. Mislead consumers to buy fake brand products, resulting in consumers' rights and interests can not be protected. The editor teaches you three ways to identify Swarovski genuine sofa.

1. All genuine sofas produced by swaro home furnishings have swaro's unique high-grade metal trademark and are conspicuously engraved with the words "swaro" or "vovo swaro". This trademark is generally located in front of the sofa. As shown in the figure below:



2. All genuine sofas of swarovo are printed with the "swarovo" logo. As shown in the figure below:



3. All genuine sofas with throw pillows have "swaro" on the front and "vovo" on the back. As shown in the figure below: