Q:What are the advantages of the company?
A:1. Innovative products: outstanding brand, innovative technology and excellent quality of the whole restaurant furniture.

2. Star assisted marketing: once hired Huang Shengyi, an international film star, to represent the brand, injected vitality into the brand, and on-site assisted marketing detonated the terminal.

3. Celebrity packaging: with a high-level professional design team, the packaging of exclusive stores is constantly upgraded to provide more perfect design packaging.

4. Efficient team: an efficient marketing team provides 360 degree nanny service.

5. Professional planning: professional planning of large-scale activities.

6. Training system: employ professional tutors to provide comprehensive terminal operation training.

7. Original design: the original of the product is the soul of the brand. The original design of 16 professional designers makes swaro always the leader of living room furniture.

8. Strong support: full range of software support for promotion, decoration, advertisement, etc. and strong hardware support for production industrial park.

9. Dancing terminal: the continuous development of terminal "champion" marketing activities, "Dancing" moves the national market.

10. System service: all-round and fast system service from production to supply, sale to after-sale.

Q:What is franchise?
A:Franchising (franchising) refers to a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation mode in which franchisees provide franchisees with their own chain brand, development concept, product design, operation, terminal services and other value items for compensation, while franchisees use their own business ability, capital strength, appropriate venues and other means of product franchising and sales.

Q:Advantages of franchising?
A:Franchise chain operation, not only has a relatively independent legal personality and business model, but also can achieve a unified chain brand image, unified management, procurement, distribution, service and other scale effects. The so-called "large stores in small and medium-sized cities, and many stores in large cities", classic interpretation of the successful way of brand chain operation. At present, "swaro home" is one of the franchised brands with perfect operation and management mode in China, with standard corporate image, VI design and service process, "swaro home" has the ability to integrate the upper supply chain and lower sales chain, ensure the interests of franchisees, and maximize the return on investment of franchisees in the authorized area.

Q:What are the products of swaro? Is the price suitable for our market?
A: Our products include: leather sofa, cloth sofa, dining table, dining chair, tea table, TV cabinet, soft bed, decorative frame, etc. we strive to build a one-stop fashion home shopping and life center, and create a beautiful home life together with customers. The overall price position of the product is middle and high-end consumer groups.

Q:What are the requirements for joining Swarovski in site selection? And the area?
A:There are three kinds of sales channels of Swarovski: monopoly, franchise and direct selling; The business centers of provincial capitals, first tier cities, second tier cities and some county-level cities are mainly the first tier and second tier shopping malls and community-level business centers, mainly around the middle and high-grade residential quarters, and there will be large and medium-sized chain supermarkets nearby. These places are densely populated, with stable customers and strong consumption power, and conform to the convenience principle in the marketing rules; Large and medium-sized furniture city, home furnishing center. These places are similar to industry concentration, and the target customer group resources can be fully shared, so as to create a multi-party and multi profitable situation; shop area: according to different cities, we will have different standards, the minimum of vovo series is generally no less than 200 square meters; the minimum of SJO series is generally no less than 300 square meters.

Q:Is the retail price of Swarovski household unified across the country? Is the supply price for franchisees uniform?
A:The retail price of Swarovski home furnishings is unified nationwide. According to the consumer market survey in different regions, the headquarters will recommend that each franchisee operate products of different categories and price ranges, but the same products will maintain the same price throughout the country. In addition, the supply price of the headquarters to the franchisees is unified nationwide, but it will formulate the purchase return target of different levels of franchisees, and launch different rebate policies, such as quarterly return, annual return, etc.


Q:I'd like to take over the regional agency. Is that ok? If I open a franchise store locally, will the company consider other franchisees?
A:At present, our company is implementing the franchise system of single point (store counter or exclusive shop), but the headquarters encourages each single point franchise shop to develop into multi store franchise. If you want to exclusively operate the "swaro brand" in the local market, you need to put forward the marketing and operation target plan to the headquarters. The headquarters will comprehensively consider the operation strength, capital strength, local market capacity and other factors of the franchisee, and determine whether to authorize the regional agency rights according to the specific situation.

Q:How much money does it take to invest in swarovo? How much start-up capital does it take to invest in Swarovski Europe?
A:First of all, our investment expenses are divided into deposit, first batch of purchase and store decoration. Specifically, we have franchise standards for different cities. Of course, when we implement the company's policies, we will also give due consideration to the actual situation of franchisees. Our cooperation is human-oriented, and specific policies can be communicated by phone / face-to-face.