1. Innovative products: excellent brand, innovative technology and excellent quality of the whole living room furniture.

2. Star assisted marketing: once hired Huang Shengyi, an international film star, to speak for the brand, injected vitality into the brand, and on-site assisted marketing detonated the terminal.

3. Celebrity packaging: with a high-level professional design team, the exclusive store packaging continues to upgrade, providing more perfect design packaging.

4. Efficient team: the efficient marketing team provides 360 degree nanny service.

5. Professional planning: professional planning of large-scale activities.

6. Training system: hire professional tutors to provide comprehensive sales skills training.

7. Original design: the product's original is the soul of the brand, and the original design of 16 professional designers makes swaro always an excellent living room home.

8. Strong support: promotion, decoration, advertising and other all-round software support and strong production Industrial Park hardware support.

9. Dance terminal: the continuous development of terminal "champion" marketing activities, "dance" moves the national market.

10. System service: from production to supply, sale to after-sale of all-round rapid system services.

Franchise support:
1. The grand opening discount further reduces the operation cost and risk of franchisees.

2. Analyze the industry situation, understand the development prospect and better grasp the opportunity.

3. According to the actual situation, the company assists in the evaluation and inspection of stores and site selection, and determines the grade positioning of exclusive stores.

4. Decoration subsidy for exclusive stores.

5. Purchase rebate support, 2% - 5% rebate support for annual purchase amount.

[training support]
1. Shop guide training.

2. Store designer training.

3. Installation master training.

4. Franchisee sales personnel training.

5. Store managers and managers of franchise stores shall be regularly promoted and trained.

6. Regional centralized tour for staff training and training tutor squatting training, supervision and guidance operation.

7. Regularly diagnose the sales, operation, management and service ability of the store, and solve the problems accordingly.

[brand support]

1. Authorized use of brand vis system.

2. Enjoy the national influence and appeal of the brand.

[template support]

Help the new store to choose the model and design the decoration style.

[store operation support]

1. Free appointment of professionals to provide services such as store image planning, decoration graphic design and construction drawings, display planning guidance, etc.

2. The headquarters will transfer the successful operation mode to the new franchise stores, and make corresponding adjustment according to the local market environment.

[quality management support]

1. Introduce ISO9001 international quality management system to effectively find and solve product quality problems and ensure product quality.

2. Set up a professional quality inspection department to ensure the best quality.

[SMS platform support]

1. Free SMS group sending service, timely provide the latest news to franchisees.

2. Can help franchisee release information to customers free of charge.

[advertising support]

1. From time to time, the headquarters will participate in or hold exhibitions and industrial exhibitions in the whole country.

2. Develop relevant measures according to the local market and add the influence of Swarovski brand in the local market.

3. In search room net, home furnishing net, daily furniture net, Sina home furnishing net, China furniture net and other well-known industry website publicity momentum.

4. Cooperate with customers to carry out advertising activities in local websites through various channels, such as leaflets, trade magazines and promotional activities, so as to improve performance. 5. Cooperate with the photos of newly opened franchise stores to promote in a wide range of network.

[Sales support]

1. Implement various incentive policies to reward franchisees with outstanding sales performance.

2. Headquarters in May Day, national day, new year's day to organize a unified national promotion, season as the theme of the promotion.

3. Provide support for franchise store opening and annual celebration and promotion activities; provide brand and product promotion materials free of charge.

4. Provide a complete set of sales promotion programs and classic cases in the community, and analyze and guide the operation according to the local situation.

5. The headquarters regularly and pertinently solves the problems of new franchise stores and helps them improve their profitability.

[management system]

Support of terminal company operation system

1. Terminal store management system

2. Terminal store personnel system

3. Terminal storefront financial system

4. Terminal store marketing system

Note: the final interpretation right of franchise support belongs to swaro furniture company.