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Brand Culture:

Swarlow is one of the five most prominent hereditary family names in the ancient Roman Empire in Italy. With the continuous development of commercial civilization, the Swarovski family has transformed "Swarovski" into a wonderful flower in many commercial brands, covering many industrial types such as furniture, home decoration, crystal, etc., and has become synonymous with fashion, luxury, nobility and taste.
As an idol furniture, "Swarovov", its design concept and brand origin, originated in Italy. Fusion of oriental home art, its design is simple and fashionable, the lines are bright and concise, the shape is simple and generous, not only the essence of traditional design, but also the romantic love of fairy tales. Swarovan, S.H.L, evolved from the first letter of the three words SUPERSTAR.HOME.LOVE. SUPERSTAR, idol, excellence, the pursuit of Swarovan brand, excellence in the furniture business, idol-level brands and products.
HOME, home, the object of Swarovan living room furniture service, a common residence of mind and body, an indoor space for cultivating love, transmitting love and sharing love.
Love, love, the spiritual culture of Swarlow.
An idol. Home. Love-through the service object, emotion, product appeal three-dimensional integration, the common interpretation of Swaroff brand culture.

Enterprise spirit:


Corporate Vision:
Create a global leader brand of living room furniture.
Corporate Mission:

To enhance the global consumer's home life taste as its own responsibility.
Corporate Values:

Achievement of customers-committed to the success of customers and exist;
People-oriented-committed to the growth and development of employees;
Social responsibility-committed to social harmony and sublimation.
Enterprise spirit:
Elaborate, Lean, Seiko.
Corporate Culture:
There is affection, righteousness and benefit.

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Corporate Code of Conduct:
Clear goals, fine planning, immediate action.
Business philosophy:

Create, share and win-win.
Enterprise team spirit:
Never fear, constantly surpass, learn to share, dare to take responsibility, know how to be grateful, treat people sincerely, develop harmoniously and create a better future.


Time, like a wise man, sees through every enterprise development philosophy. The market, like an examination paper, tests the business logic of each enterprise. Swarovan, 19 years, tells us about the development of a national enterprise. Walk into Swarlow and pay tribute to every cultivator.

Swarlow of ingenuity
United Nations and international top design institutions, 19 years of focus on the research and development of two-hall home, ingenuity, leading the home industry two-hall popular trend. In 2018, 2019 Swarovski set sail. Starting from the "heart", product upgrade, packaging upgrade, team upgrade, the new Italian minimalist style-Banka will be launched, which will make a magnificent debut in 2019. At the same time, keeping up with market demand, VOVO series products are also fully upgraded.
The enterprising Swarlow
Since its establishment, Swarovan has gone through milestone events such as the modernization and upgrading of industrial plants, the completion of a 6000-square-meter headquarters building in Shunde, Guangdong, the signing of an image endorsement with international superstar Huang Shengyi, and the commissioning of a 200,000-square-meter industrial park. It has also won more than 50 domestic and foreign industry awards and more than 70 national patents for original products.
Innovative Swarlow

Swarovsky has never stopped on the road of innovation. In 2011, Swarovsky pioneered the channel "win" sales mode in the industry, which shocked the industry and swept the world. The establishment of Swarlow Business School in 2014 not only turned the company into a profitable platform, but also a growth platform for employees and franchisees. In 2017, enterprises introduced the channel fission mode, once again leading the market shock. In 2018, in order to serve agents better, they once again broke the cocoon and became butterflies, turned around magnificently, and jointly established with well-known domestic intellectual institutions. The "Factory Purchase Cloud" genuine goods a household factory purchase platform to find the commanding heights for franchisees to occupy the market again.

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Swarlow with love
Since its establishment, Swarovan has always been adhering to the business philosophy of co-creation, sharing and win-win; building a sentimental, righteous and favorable corporate culture; conveying the dedication spirit of loving society, customers and partners, and undertaking social responsibility many times to complete the charitable donation. In 2019, a special charity fund was established again to spread love to the society and help more poor families in need of warmth.
The future of Swarlow
An era of challenges and opportunities is coming to us. The giant ship, Swarlow, set sail again with its strong strength and keen market judgment. Swarovese, in order to improve the home life of Chinese people as their own responsibility, hone forward. In 2019, the five major systems of product development, image packaging, channel fission, service upgrade and tool empowerment will be fully upgraded. In 2019, in today's information age, we will arm ourselves with new thinking, new models, new technologies and new channels. The future is at the foot of the achievements of a century of foundation.
Hand in hand with Swarovsky, ingenuity wins the future.